If you want to lower your scores (possibly dramatically) and drop your handicap, then for most golfers,
placing more focus on your ability to hit the green from within the 40m to 90m range is a great place to start.

Last week, we gave you a challenge
to take on at the range. This challenge
should become part of your regular
practice cycle. If you missed it
then please

Each time you’re out on the course, it’s also a good idea to mark your card in this range. On each hole you find yourself with a shot from this range,
track how many shots to hole out from that point. At the end of the round, what was your average number of shots to hole out from within this range?

One of the keys to controlling distance with your wedges is ‘dialing in your distances’.
Do you know the exact distance you hit each wedge, with a half swing,
a three-quarter swing, and a full swing?  

If you’re carrying 3 wedges in your bag and you know these distances, then you’ll have every
distance from 40m to 90m covered with one of these swings.

Spend some time at the range ‘dialing in’ your wedge distances. How far do you hit each wedge with a half, three-quarter, and full swing?
If you’re struggling with consistent contact (and therefore distance) with these swings, then let’s improve that technique.